Exploring the Body/Place Connection



We often think about how our bodies live in a place. In some places we feel comfortable and happy, while in others we feel disconnected, distracted, or separate.

But have you ever thought about where places live in your body? And have you ever pondered how, if you feel unsafe in your own skin, the place you live could be giving you clues about how to become more comfortable in your body?

Much like dreams, landscapes live in our bodies, and this is a level of interaction that we often overlook.

One of my good friends, Annabelle Berrios, is teaching a class this summer at the California Institute of Integral Studies on this very subject. In the class, she’ll help students explore the place/body connection through inquiry and movement. It should be pretty amazing!

If you’re a Bay Area local and you’re interested in signing up for the class, click this link to find out more about the class, including how to register. (And if you’re not on Facebook, let me know and I’ll forward you the information.)

This Thursday, Annabelle will join me on my True Nature Radio show to talk about what it means to come home to the body and to the places that live within us.

Join us at 11 a.m. Pacific time, or listen to the archive later.

We’ll discuss how we’ve connected with the places that reside in our bodies and what it’s meant for our journey, and Annabelle will share some practices that anyone can use to begin to explore the place/body connection.

It promises to be fascinating!

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