Sharing a Personal Healing Journey


Many of you have followed this blog for years. You may remember when I married Lance on Kaua’i way back in 2004. You may also remember when Lance and I divorced in 2010. But what most of you don’t know is that there is more to the story.

In 2009, Lance came out to me as transgender. I was more than happy to support him through a transition if that was what he chose to do. It wasn’t the fact that he is transgender that led to our divorce, but rather the fact that he wanted to be with men and I wanted to be with women. We split amicably and are still best friends.

Lance is now Natalie. Natalie has started taking hormones and is slowly transitioning to living as a woman. I couldn’t be more proud of her courage and determination to be herself.

Natalie has always had amazing dreams and we used to share our dreams with each other every morning. Last year she started telling me some of the dreams she’s had about her transition and how they have helped her come to terms with her gender identity. And even more than that, the dreams have provided incredible healing for her as she navigates this challenging time. When I heard her dreams, I noticed the arc from hating the woman inside herself to ultimately embracing and accepting her. I knew then that if Natalie was willing her dreams should be shared with others so they could see just how powerful are dreams are in providing healing for us.

Luckily, she agreed. I plan to write a memoir about our relationship with dreams at the forefront. And as a first step, we hope to bring Natalie’s dreams to the International Association for the Study of Dreams conference this year. We want to shed light on how working with dreams can help people transition. At this conference, we’ll be able to reach an international audience of dreamworkers, therapists, psychologists, counselors and many others. It will be a fantastic opportunity to share the power of dreams.

The problem is, although we’ve been accepted to speak, the conference fees are a bit out of reach for us this year. We’re appealing to our friends and family, asking them to help us make this dream come true.

We’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to help us raise the money. Visit this link to check it out: http://www.gofundme.com/72whus

If you have even $5 you can offer, that will help us immensely. We only have until March 14 to raise the money or we will not be able to remain on the speakers list. I would greatly appreciate anything you’re able to give! And thank you for all of your support over the years.

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