Are Plants Speaking to You in Dreams?

atavaThe land in your backyard, the elm tree next to your bedroom window, the roses you planted last year, the lettuces and carrots and kale in your garden, and the succulents and herbs on your deck are all speaking to you. It’s just a matter of listening.

Right now, in many parts of the U.S., the plants are waking up. Even though some of you might be digging yourself out from wintery storms, spring is just around the corner.

It’s a great time to start learning how to communicate with plants. One way to do this is in dreams.

Atava Garcia Swiecicki, my good friend and dream colleague, will be on my True Nature Radio show tomorrow¬†at 3 p.m. Pacific talking about how we can become aware of the messages coming to us from the land and the plants in our immediate area. Atava is an herbalist in Oakland (she runs Ancestral Apothecary) and she’s done extensive work with plant dreaming and plant medicine.

On the show we’ll discuss how you can learn about the medicine of the plants around you and how plants show up in dreams. We’ll also talk about how to incubate dreams with plants.

It’s gonna be a great show, because Atava and I both totally geek out on this stuff and Atava is a treasure-trove of information. I hope you’ll be able to join us…or listen to the archive!

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