Etsy Grand Re-Opening and Guest Posts

A lovely Norwegian flower

The big news this week is that I have re-opened my Etsy shop, and under a new name: Katrina Dreamer (it was formerly October Photography).

I’ve included images from Europe as well as old favorites like Big Sur, the Tim Burton tree, and my award-winning water lily.

I hope to continue to add images to the shop, so if you’ve seen something on Flickr you like that I didn’t add to Etsy, please let me know.

I have also started offering product photography and I had a fantastic session recently with Atava of Ancestral Apothecary. I had a blast photographing her gorgeous herbal remedies.


Besides writing for my blog, I’ve been busy crafting guest posts and articles for other locales around the web. The following three pieces share different aspects of my trip.

“Losing Everything Can Be Magic” for Roots of She. Breakdowns are often breakthroughs.

“Dreaming with the Ancestors” for Crafting the Sacred.  How I contacted the ancestors through dreams on my journey.

“Homecoming: An Ancestral Journey” for the Powers of Place Perspectives newsletter.
An in-depth and heartfelt look at the my time at Solem in Norway.

I am honored to have written for these fantastic publications and I hope you’ll take some time to click through and read them.

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