Why Grounding is Important


Today I worked with a high school student who wanted to know how to relieve test anxiety.

In response to his question, I taught him how to ground.

The most basic part of grounding is connecting yourself with the earth. I do this by imagining a big root growing out of the base of my spine through the ground under me and tunneling right into the hot magma in the center of the earth. I imagine that the connection is strong and that I can send whatever energy I no longer need down that root and the earth will take it and recycle it into neutral energy.

After I taught my student how to ground, heĀ looked calmer. He said he hadn’t felt that calm in a long time and that his mind was much clearer. He was on board with this grounding stuff.

The simple act of grounding yourself once a day can help you let go of the gunk we all pick up from interacting with others. We absorb their negativity, their fears, their anger, their anxiety. We don’t need to carry that around…we have our own emotional baggage to deal with! Grounding is an easy, effective way to clear yourself out and become more present to yourself, allowing you to find out what you need and, best of all, to help you relax!

If you’re local, and you’re interested in learning more helpful tools like this, come to my Energy Tools class Monday, April 21. You can find out all the details and buy tickets here.

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